Connection Games

See how small sincere interactions can be the building blocks for bigger things to come.

Do you want your horse to walk up and greet you when you enter the field?  Enjoy your presence?  Choose you over their stablemates?  These exercises are the first changes I started making years ago that lead me down a really cool unique path.  Take the first step and get a feel for what you have to gain.  Here's a 4 step guide on how you can start building a better one on one, heart felt bond with your horse today.  These games are meant to be light hearted, fun and easy but very profoundly rewarding.  Sometimes the most meaningful changes happen in simplicity.

Based On 4 Principles...


a polite sign of welcome

Quality Time

time that you spend with your horse doing enjoyable things together so that your relationship remains strong


a deep secure bond; alignment and intimacy between two beings with feelings of connecting on a deeper soul level.


firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of one another.