Inspiring a heart-felt equestrian life through the expansion of your own inner awareness and an attentiveness to your horse's experience to promote a compassionate, thoughtful approach to riding and training dressage.


You feel like you want more out of the relationship with your horse than just riding.  You want your horse to enjoy life to the fullest and you want to do it together.  You want to let go of outdated paradigms and step into something new.  You realize that your own growth is mirrored in the relationship you have with your horse.  You long for a better way.  


A support system for reflection

Profound changes are underway for all of you in the equine community. This lifetime is requiring you to let go of the way it has always been done. You are being called to pave a new path.

This is Reflections From The Saddle.

This is a support system.  Inspiration to keep working on your equine partnerships.  To redefine what is means to be horse women and horse men.

Every creature is seeking trust.  To be safe and cherished.   Do you know how to be that source for your horse?  Generating peace starts within.  It's starts with you.  

Now more than ever that path is illuminated.  Do you hear the calling?

Cultivate a different reality for your horse. 

Discover the possibilities.  

I’m honored to have you here.

Join me.  






let me lead you down the clearest path to accomplishing your goals while you
deepen the joy you have for riding
foster a willing and happy equine partner
nurture peace around you
and fulfill your greatest desires for connection


A Rewarding Life

Illuminate your own perceptions, emotions and struggles of being human and how it influences positive compassionate horse care.  Discover things you never knew were possible.  Pursue that heart felt emotional connection you so desire with your horse.

What Reflections From The Saddle Offers You

Each offering centers around themes like… 


Emotional Regard

Acceptance In The Moment

Practicing Peace

Transferring Value

Releasing Trauma

Incorporating Rewards

Giving Your Horse A Voice

Building Trust


and so much more


In addition, you will embrace each concept through shared insights, deep dive study, and expanded awareness to lead the way to a rewarding life for both you and your horse.  Every course offers monthly zoom calls to foster real life absorption and application.



What would your horse act like if he/she felt safe with you? What would it feel like if your horse sought you out, found you extremely valuable and knew you were a safe landing place?  How would that completely change you and your horse's life?



What would happen if you listened to that soft inner voice that was asking you to step into daily actionable practices to bring a higher calling to your daily human and equine interactions and training. 



What if you could join a community where kindred spirits gather for encouragement and guidance in truly transforming your equine guardianship?


How do you truly meet your horse on a soul level so that each of you can become the best version of yourselves?


Here at Reflections From The Saddle you will open yourself to...

Breaking Boundaries

push the outer limits of what's possible in your human & equine relationship

Heart Expansion

live life and train your horse with a heart centered approach


make impactful shifts in your life through creative insights

Change of Perception

let go of old thought patterns

Application to Training

translate theory into real life

Practices and Rituals

fully absorb and implement shifts with clear methods

Meeting Of Souls

cultivate peaceful solace and resiliency

Equine Interpretation

teach yourself & your horse to love learning

Thoughts and Musings 

look into the future of further transformation





Get your FREE guide to a better equine partnership using four simple, fun games.


Ever feel like you're constantly making withdraws from your horse?  These games help make deposits into your emotional bank account that you jointly own with your horse. 

You will be amazed at how drastic changes can happen in simplicity.  These four exercises are something I do with each of my horses starting the moment they  walk onto my farm.

Build connection for a quiet, calm, willing horse that learns faster, delights in your interactions and works with you in a partnership.  And of course this also fosters the opening of deep personal growth within ourselves.



Do you ever look at life and wish it could be lived in more harmony?  Do you ever look at your horse and feel the same way?  Do you crave a deep soul connection with your horse and wonder how to get it?  Are you just as concerned about your horse's experience as you are about becoming a better rider?  Well if so, you are in good company. 

I am a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist who has trained horses from un-started to FEI including starting 3 and training 4 of my own personal horses all using reward based training.  My graduate work in Animal Behavior set me up to look for methods different than "traditional" training many years ago.

So, I started on this journey of not only becoming the best dressage rider I could be but also finding a way to do it so my horses found it as rewarding as me.  I called it "teaching horses to love learning" and it was founded on reward based training.  It was a great combo of my 30 plus years riding dressage, graduate work in animal science and behavior and my Acupoint Therapies business in holistic health care.  The energetic connection learned from 20 years of doing energy healing paved the way for me to connect on that same energetic level with my dressage training.  I spent decades developing the skills to build a mutually rewarding relationship and balanced partnership with my dressage horses.  Now, while pursuing my certification in the Trust Technique I am using the present moment and regard for the horse to fine tune my process. 

Always searching for the best way, I want to push the envelope even further.  Every moment I realize that the path to better horsemanship starts with my own personal journey.  Here at RFS, let's dive deeper into living a heart centered, creative, peaceful life.  Won't you join me?

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